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VoIP - Voice over IP
Prime Telecom has the expertise in VoIP - The future is here.


Residential Plans
  • $19.95 per month.

  • Broadband Phone Adapter. No need to buy new phones.

  • Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Return *69, Call Waiting Disable *70, Call Waiting ID, Caller ID Blocking, Call Forwarding, 3 Way Calling.

  • And Many More Features.


To Order:
Call 614-384-0012

         Business Plans
Virtual Office is a feature-rich broadband Internet-based PBX service for small and mid-sized organizations

  • $39.95 per month.

  • Auto Attendant.

  • Full Feature Conference Bridge.

  • Business Class Voicemail.

  • Music/Messaging OnHold.

  • Call Park / Call Pickup.

  • Do Not Disburb.

  • And Many More Features.

                                                                                 Business Plans                                                                                                              


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